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Killing Time (One-Eyed Jacks)

Killing Time - Cindy Gerard

*Spoiler free review*

A thing I really like with Cindy Gerard's books is that so far her characters hold their promises.

We met Mike "Primetime" Brown in the Black Ops series, (mostly in Last Man Standing) and he didn't disappoint.

8 years ago, after a mission went awfully wrong, Mike (who used to be a hot-shot chopper pilot) and his only two surviving team mates were discharged from the army. Since then, trying to forget the past, he's running an air cargo business in South America and occasionally helps the BOI. That is until Eva Salinas, a CIA attorney determined to stir the past, crosses his path.

Like in her other books the heroes are awesome (did I say that Mike held his promises?), the story is fast paced and action packed from the very beginning and icing on the cake we got to have bits of Gabe awesomeness.