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This Man  - Jodi Ellen Malpas Obviously this book wasn't for me. I was so bored that it took me forever to finish it. I prefer when the books I read have plots, but even if they haven't one I might still enjoy them if only the writing is beautiful, there is good characters development, witty dialogs and good supporting characters. Because there is absolutely no character development I couldn't care less for the hero or the heroine. Also because of all that when I reached the final disclosure I just rolled my eyes. Jesse. He is supposed to be a super hot alpha hero. Problem is, - he has clammy and slightly shaking hands, - and sludgy eyes (?!?!), - he yells and barks at Ava a lot, - he has temper tantrums (a lot),- he is so controlling it's ridiculous. I mean the man even don't want Ava to work (?!);- he doesn't want to tell Ava how old he is (how childish or insecure is that?)- he stole her contraceptive pills (twice)- He cusses all the damn time but Ava can't or else -> double standard much? - ...I don't find any of those points sexy and for me that makes him more a childish bully in need of a good spanking than an alpha man.Ava. I'm sorry but I just found her plain stupid and her reactions to Jesse are just not believable. At 26 she is a successful interior designer but as soon as she sees Jesse she is just a brainless thing and decides she can't work with such a beautiful god. So she runs, he goes after her and after few days she yields... The plot. Like I said there is no plot. Just the same little scenario playing over and over. She runs, he harasses her, she yields, they f*ck. There are little dialogs between Jesse and Ava and they are bland or cheesy. But there is a lot of sex. Unfortunately as I couldn't care less for Jesse and Ava I couldn't care less for the sex too.