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Out Of Her League

Out Of Her League - Kaylea Cross Even though I felt the story never reached its full potential, I enjoyed reading "Out of her league".Christa has had a crush on Raine for 2 years, but traumatized by a previous relationship she never acted on it.I liked that in addition to owning a landscape business, Christa is part of a softball team competing to be selected for the Olympic games. Unfortunately this aspect of her life is quickly relegated to the background, and to my disappointment the high level sport part of her life was more a pretext to plant the plot of the stalker than a real character trait in itself.Also, not once but twice she had those TSTL moments that I hate in romantic suspense stories.Raine is part of a SWAT unit and a yummy alpha hero alright. Though he has a Casanova reputation, he is sensitive and handle Christa with care. That being said, I don't understand how he missed the bite mark when he tended her shoulder and why he allowed the surprise birthday party knowing how stressed and skittish she was at that time (the girl almost had a heart attack).They relationship is sweet and I know that with Christa's past and her current stalker problems and trauma as well as his own reputation Raine was kind of walking on eggshells, but for me the romance per se was long to come and there was no real sexual tension to make up for.I also would have loved more development in the secondary characters as well as a little longer talk between Raine and Luck.