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Tactical Strike

Tactical Strike - Kaylea Cross

*Spoiler free review*

“What...what about the others?”
“They won’t be back for hours. I made sure.” He stroked gently over her stomach. Slow, firm circles that made her want to rotate her hips in time with his rhythm. Her mind was still fighting it.
He’d made sure? What did that mean, and how could he know? “You can’t be sure—”
“I’m sure. I’m good at recon and planning missions.”

This is Ryan Wentworth, elite Combat Controller, for you! :DDD

I loved this book even better than the first one. From the previous book, I knew I'd love Ryan and, thank god he didn't disappoint, the surprise came from Candace. And it was a good one. In the previous book she was too uppity for me, here she was the same character without the uppity factor. Partly because she melted to Ryan special brand of seduction and partly because her behavior was explained.

Here again, the action parts were outstanding with a steaming factor higher than in the previous book —their first time together was H O T. There were some sad parts but there also were some funny ones.

Another thing I really loved about this book is "Ryan’s Glossary of Military Terms for Civilians". It was both helpful and funny.

"AFSOC: Air Force Special Operations Command. Made up of CCTs like me, PJs, Weathermen (way more badass than it sounds) and gunship crews like Ace. We CCTs are the most awesome though, in case you were wondering."

"B-hut: not the Hilton, but better than most places I’ve stayed on several deployments, and a lot better than the digs downrange."

"BP: blood pressure. Mine goes up every time I look at Ace. waggles eyebrows"

"BUD/S: basic underwater demolitions/SEAL training. Almost as tough as the Pipeline. (What? It’s true.)"

Can't wait for Jackson's story! <3