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Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel (Chaos)

Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel (Chaos) - Kristen Ashley "... Bein' your safe harbor means lettin' you do what you gotta do when you gotta do it and not gettin' pissed."I really liked the story but for me Own the Wind doesn’t have the emotional depth of some other KA books. I understand the use of the “jump in time technique” but I think I would have loved less jump in time and more emotional development. He'd proven over the last two months he could take it, take anything from me and handle it with care.In my opinion, if the firsts 3/4 of the book were good, the last one was very good. And OMG, having Tack, Hawk, Lucas and Mitch together *Le sigh*!!!"No, they don't do that shit. Not to my girl and, obviously, not to Shy's old lady. An old lady doesn't deal, darlin', she breathes easy."I hated it when these bikers had good, albeit lunatic, answers for statements that had no good answers.A thing I really liked in that book is that even though she is young Tab wasn’t an immature heroin. I also liked the promise of what Rush can become.About the professional editing:I love Kristen Ashley’s books. I really do. She’s one of my favorite author, but there is one thing that always drove me nuts in her books: the way she can go on over paragraphs when describing clothes. I never took it into account when rating her books but I was really glad to see that the professional editing cleaned that trait."... As for why it's you, I don't know, I don't care. It just is."