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Caden's Vow

Caden's Vow - Sarah McCarty Although I love this series, I moderately loved this volume.Firstly there is little action in this one.Secondly, I know that unlike other heroes in this series Caden isn't very present in the previous volumes, but it is also the case of Ace, and if I liked Ace, Caden left me indifferent. Thirdly, we have Maddie. Maddie was born and grew up in a brothel. She became a prostitute at the age of eight until Tracker during his search for Ari discovers her and takes her with him. This is not the only abused heroine in this series, but unlike the others, Maddie escapes reality by taking refuge in a fantasy world, and suddenly, almost overnight, she becomes a wilful businesswoman.Then we have Maddie and Caden, the couple. Maddie is in love with Caden and Caden see the true woman in Maddie. The problem is that these two do not know how to communicate and when they do it's to fight, often over the same argument. That said, the story is well written and I can't wait to have Ace story.