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Edge of Dawn - Lara Adrian "Edge of dawn" starts 20 years after "Darker after midnight". I loved Darker after Midnight and it beautifully ended the Order story, so I was curious to see what Lara Adrian could bring to it. Except for its last quarter, Edge of dawn was meh for me, mainly because of its main characters.I liked Mira when she was a kid, but for most of the book I couldn't really like her because she was too immature. Many times in the book I had to tell myself that she wasn't a YA heroine but a 28 years old woman. Unfortunately Kellan didn't make up for Mira's flaws. As far as I'm concerned he was just an average hero, and if I was curious to know why he decided to leave the Order and disappear, the answer was another disappointment. "Your visions are always true, so I had to leave." Huh?? Where is the logics in that statement?Even if they were really few, I liked the snippets with the older heroes as well as Lucan and Dare relationship. I also have to say that for me this book has all the ingredients of a spin-off not of a sequel, so I don't understand why it was added to the Midnight Breed series. Not only the book starts 20 years after the last book, but except for Lucan who as the leader of the Order and the Breed population has some significant appearances, the other "old" heroes are barely present, and there is a bunch of new characters introduced in this book, some being the children of the Midnight Breed series heroes. It also seems that Lara Adrian used an element she put in one of the last Midnight Breed series's book to start a brand new plot. So, yeah, spin-off written all over it.