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Fever Moon: The Fear Dorcha - Karen Marie Moning, Al Rio, David Lawrence, Cliff Richards This comic book is simply very excellent!!! The story takes place during the second half of Shadowfever, while V'lane and the Keltars were rebuilding the dolmen, which will bring back Christian in Dublin.Al Rio, then Cliff Richards were both able to magnificently, translate graphically the universe and characters of the Fever series. The story is told briskly, without any dead time, and apart from ill-timed changes of Mac's wardrobe (I counted 3, of which 2 can be explained by shortened time lines). But, as you know, Al Rio died in the middle of it and I dare anybody to find where Cliff Richards took his work over. You simply can't tell. So for me it's just perfect. It is a comic book, so compared to a book the story is synthesized, but everything stays coherent. For the Fever series fans, this comic book is a SUPER MEGA bonus, that said, it can also be read without comprehension problems if you did not read the series.The album contains an introduction written by KMM, a prologue, the story itself and two bonuses "Behind the scenes of the fever" and "Original character notes and sketches". 184 pages of pure happiness!