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Scandalous Deception - Rosemary Rogers For some authors/books it's love at first sight, for other it will be instant dislike. Be it in the years 70, 80 or 2000, it seems that I just can't like Rosemary Rogers books and this is definitely the last I read of her.A friend told me that this book is different than her old ones (mainly, no serial rapes be it by the hero or other male characters in the book) and that I could enjoy it. It's true, there is no rape in this one (even though when the heroine goes to ask the hero's help to avoid being raped by her stepfather, the hero tells her that if he helps her she will have to pay him and the price he chose is her virtue).In short, this book bored me to tears. It is poorly written, the characters are caricatural and the dialogs are dull or straight out ridiculous. The plot? What plot? And like her other books I couldn't believe in her HEA. Honestly, reading this book was like reading a very very very bad caricature of Judith McNaught's (which I like, by the way) historical romance books.