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Lion's Bride - Iris Johansen I read it three times but I still love this book. The story begins when Ware, a mercenary knight, returning home from a war mission discovers Thea, a runaway slave, lost in the desert of Syria. At the urging of his best friend (Kadar) Ware takes Thea with him in his fortress, but he is determined to get rid of her as soon as she has recovered from her journey in the desert. Of course, nothing goes as planned.Ware is a former knight templar, condemned to death by the Order since he discovered their most sensitive secret. He's a lonely man who tries to keep everybody at arm length.Thea is an exceptionally talented embroiderer and determined not only to make a place for herself and her sister in the silk trade but also to remain free and independent in a world where women have little more value than animals.I loved a lot of things in this book.I loved the story and how Iris Johansen weaved it in the History. In the French edition there is a note about the Assassins, to bad it isn't in the e-book edition. I loved Thea and Ware relationship but also the secondary characters (Kadar, Selene, Vaden,...)