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Relentless  - Kaylea Cross So far my favorite and in my opinion the hottest book of the series.For this story we are back in Vancouver, for the marriage of Rayne and Christa as well as a medical conference where Neveah is one of the guests. The suspense part of the book is great, well written and without any hole in the plot. Neveah is really an awesome heroine and with Rhys they make a beautiful and hot couple, but what I loved the most in this book is Rhys. *Le sigh*Rhys, (very) tall dark and dangerous. Rhys, the highly educated and intellectual man. Rhys, the gentleman. Rhys, the dominant male. Rhys, falling in love. Rhys unraveling. Rhys with Neveah. Rhys with Ben...I can't wait to read Luke and Emily story! :))