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Absolution  - Kaylea Cross WOW!Where to start? The series started average but really evolved from book to book. This book is about Luke and Emily. Luke is somehow the central character through out the series. He and Emily are divorced for twenty years but they never stopped to love each other. All along the series we got bits and pieces of their story and in this book we have the final outcome as well as the final point to the suspense element of the series.The least I could say is that Kaylea Cross didn't choose the easy way while writing Luke and Emily story but she brilliantly pulled it off. Not only they are both mature but Emily just had a mastectomy and is under chemotherapy treatment when the book begins. Despite at least one TSTL moment from Emily toward the end, I really enjoyed the suspense part of the book and I LOVED Luke and Emily couple. Emily is a fighter and a beautiful soul and Luke is a hot and amazing hero. Not only the smut bits were very well written, sensual and emotional but when these two are in the same room, the sparkles are flying everywhere.