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Dark Stranger - Heather Graham Yes. And every time I see a list of the dead — either side — it hurts like hell. You've seen the worst of it, Kristin. There are men on both sides of this thing who are fine and gallant, the very best we've ever bred, no matter what state they've hailed from. Heather Graham is one of my favourite authors. She’s such a formidable story teller and I love so much her books that I keep re-reading the one I’ve already read. This is the main reason it took me so long to get to this series.I know that she wrote this trilogy first, but after having read and loved SO much her McKenzie saga and Cameron trilogy I couldn’t help but wonder if the civil war theme would grow old. It didn’t. The story starts in 1862, ends in 1865 and is focused on the Missouri/Kansas guerilla who started in the early 1850, years before the official beginning of the civil war in 1861.Kristin’s family has a ranch on the Missouri’s side of the Missouri/Kansas border. War times aren’t easy for nobody, but on top of the usual war toll this particular area was the playground of some of the most savage guerilla led by irregular military forces, the Bushwackers (who supposedly defended Southern's values) and the Jayhawkers (who supposedly defended Northern's values).Basicaly the McCahy don’t want to be involved in the conflict and even though they freed their couple of slaves years ago, they hearts go to the South. That position changed the day they were attacked by Quantrill’s Bushwackers who brutally murdered their father. After that attack, Kristen's brother enrolled in the Union army living her to deal with the ranch.The opposite happened to Cole. He was an officer in the federal army until the day the Jayhawkers burned down his property and killed his wife. A group of the Bushwackers who previously murdered Kristin's father are back, they plan to gang rape her and burn down the ranch. Hopefully for her, Cole shows up and she asks him to stay and bargain herself in exchange of his protection. In addition to Kristin/Cole story, we have an insight into Shannon (Kristen’s little sis) and Malachi (Cole’s little bro) explosive relationship.Heather Graham is an awesome story teller. She has a true talent to bring to life her characters and the setting she chooses. I love her heroes and absolutely love the way she weaves her romances in the real history.