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Rides A Hero - Heather Graham **3,5 stars**"Why? 'Cause somewhere, Captain Slater, the healing has to start. Somewhere, it has to quit being North and South, and somewhere, we have to stand against the men going against the very rules of God!"The story pics up just where [b:Dark Stranger|54610|Dark Stranger (Slater Brothers, #1)|Heather Graham|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348306445s/54610.jpg|2866948] ended. We are in the aftermath of the war. Malachi is riding back to the McCahy ranch to regroup with his brothers when he learns that Hayden Fitz has “wanted for murder” posters on them all over the Kansas."He had fought in the regular cavalry. Fought hard, and fought brilliantly. They had often hung on against impossible odds. They had a right to be proud, even in defeat."Malachi is absolutely yummylicious but half the time Shannon was really irritating. I love a feisty heroine with a temper but most of the time Shannon was just plain too stupid to live. I mean the girl not only wouldn’t shut up to save her life but she also put other people in danger! I almost removed a star because of her. What redeemed her was that the hate/love relationship between her and Malachi was really well written."She didn't know quite what it was that lurked between them, she only knew that it was heated and total and combustible. Every time they met, sparks flew and fury exploded.""Never mind. Forget it. Sometimes I forget consequences and…"He took a long sip of coffee, watching her over the rim of his cup. "Have you forgotten them this time?""What?" she murmured. It was her turn to be confused.[...]"Consequences. Procreation. Infants. Sweet little people growing inside a woman's body…"Also, this book has a lot of action from beginning to end.