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Apache Summer - Heather Graham And he had liked the life in the saddle on the plains, dealing with the Indians, far better than he had liked to see what had become of the South.This book is about Jamie, the youngest of the Slater brothers. Few years has passed since the last book. The war is over and Jamie prefered to wear the US uniform and enlist in the cavalry rather than witness what was happening to the South during the reconstruction. He and his regiment are back from a mission when they fall upon the remains of an attack of a wagon. Tess Stuart is the only survivor and she insists that the attack is Indians staged by white men and that she knows the instigator. Was he judging her? Trying to decide if she was crazy or if she was having female whimsies?They take her to the fort and there Tess asks Jamie to escort her to her ranch and stay to help her defeat von Heusen.Like in her other books on the subject I loved how Heather Graham handled the political matter (here Indians and Whites). Like in the second book there is a lot of action and unlike in the second book the heroine isn’t too stupid to live, also like in the second book I enjoyed Jamie/Tess relationship. Smiles for him, and taunts for me! And still, Miss Stuart, we are irrevocably bound, aren’t we?That war taught me a great deal. You can’t always wait to seize what you want. Life is too short, too quickly severed.This book is a good end to a really good series but my fav remains The McKenzie - Old Florida Civil War series. I really can’t get enough of it *Le sigh*.