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Naked in Death - J.D. Robb *Review without spoilers*Naked in death is the first book in the “In Death” series who already counts fourty or so novels. The series is set in a futuristic mid-21st century in New-York. I won’t say that I liked Nora Roberts’s futuristic world, and to be honest to the exeption of some bits and pieces thrown now and then with little context or explanation, the feel of the book is prety much contemporary romantic suspense with emphasize on suspense. That being said I found part of the social vision of her futuristic world interesting.What I verry much liked however is Eve and Roarke relationship as well as the way the police investigation unfolded. Eve is a clever, strong and no-bullshit no-nonsense woman. She’s also a very competent and honest cop entirely dedicated to her job and doesn’t care for political or other power plays. But under the though cookie exterior there is a sensitive and vulnerable woman who has her own demons to defeat. "[...] I haven't yet figured out why the intense, driven, and prickly type appeals to me so unexpectedly."She poured more coffee, looked at him over the rim. "That isn't flattering.""It wasn't meant to be. Though for someone who must have a very poor-sighted hairdresser and doesn't choose the standard enhancements, you are surprisingly easy to look at."One word to describe Roarke: yummilicious! He is mysterious, hot, charismatic and doesn’t lack stamina... I really liked his POV. My only complain is that he doesn’t appear until chapter 3 and there is not enough of him in this book. "I'm imagining what I'm going to do to you the next time I get my hands on you. I advise you to rest up, lieutenant."His breath was coming faster. It stunned him how much he could want her still, baffled him that she could be blind to how helpless he was under the clawing need for her. It infuriated him that she could, simply by existing, be his weakness.The romance is clearly not at the forefront in this story but even so, Eve and Roarke relationship is hot. I also liked the second characters a lot. Particularly Mavis (Eve's best buddy) and Commander Whitney.