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If Wishes Were Horses - Joey W. Hill “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” He lifted his head, looked at her. “We’d all ride.”Another beautiful story by Joey W. Hill. The story wasn’t only hot but also highly sensual. Her body shoved away her inhibitions in a way it never had, mowed them over like an eager child overriding its mother’s feeble protests in the face of an offer of candy. This wasn't just candy. This wasn't even a whole candy store. This was a child's paradise of endless treasure to discover, summer days that never ended, bare feet in the mud and all the mysteries of the universe expressed in ways so simple they did not have to be spoken. I really loved Justin who is an unusual kind of hero. He is undoubtedly an alpha hero but also a wiccan priest as well as the owner of a shop dedicated to the women's pleasures. I absolutely loved the love story, Sarah/Justin relationship as well as how the wiccan part was handled. "You asked for more, Sarah. I’m going to give you more.” He nuzzled her ear, licked her neck. “But I won’t stop. I’m going to fuck you so well you’re going to lose consciousness. This will all be a dream. You won't be sure if you want to savor it or regret it. But you won't forget it. Not ever. I'm taking away that option." He hesitated, staring down into her face, and she sensed something there, something she did not understand. “The other two choices, to savor or regret, those will be yours.” But there is also a police investigation in the story and for me that part was weak. Fortunately the rest of the story made up for it."I used to believe we have to heal our own wounds to be able to love others, but I don't think that's true. All we need to do is accept the love of others, because there are broken places that can't be healed without that. It would be like a pitcher trying to glue its own handle back on."