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Iced - Karen Marie Moning ****Spoilers free review****First of all, I would like to say that KMM is one of my favorite author. I LOVE both her Highlander and Fever series, and was really anxious to read Iced, but unfortunately as far as I'm concerned, with Iced she did NOT deliver.Why was I disappointed?Firstly, because despite what KMM assured to her fans Iced IS a YA book with a 14 years old MC. I liked Dani in the Fever series, she was a colorful kid. I still liked her for the first 3/4 of the book but after that I just wanted to shut her up. I also have to say that when reading the last chapters I couldn't stand to read once more the word "dude", I also was fed up with Dani to a point where I just wanted the book to end. If you read the Fever series and wasn't a fan of Dani you have to know that she is the same in Iced. The story starts few days after Shadowfever ends, so she did NOT change. She acts and speaks the same.Secondly, because THERE IS NO LOVE STORY!?!?!? I know, right? I just felt cheated.90% of the story is told from Dani's pov some short parts are told from Christian and Kat pov. In Kat part we have a little unfinished romance. Dani is "surrounded" by three guys. Christian says he's in love with Dani but he's also conscious that she's only 14. Ryo force Dani to work for him and acts all proprietary around her but in the same time he is doing Jo and there is NO sexual tension between him and Dani (which is normal since she is only 14). The last one is Dancer who is her friend. But what is really important here is that from a romantic point of vue, Dani is interested by none of them.