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Tempted - Virginia Henley Re reading, first time in English.Although it lost a star, I had a good time re reading this book. Despite old fashioned words using now and then “Tempted” aged pretty well. The story is set in Scotland’s borderlands around 1510, during King James IV of Scotland reign. The king wants to unify the Scots and order some of the clans to make wedding alliances. Ramsey “Black Ram” Douglas and “Flaming” Tina Kennedy are chosen for the Douglas-Kennedy alliance and none of them are eager to comply. We see that in this kind of situation, as a man Ram has much more leverage than Tina and he isn’t afraid of using and stretching it. But Tina is no helpless heroine (and I loved that), she is a feisty beauty who knows how to make the most out of all her feminine assets and she’s also determined to give as much as she gets.Another thing I loved in this book is its historical accuracy and how Virginia Henley intertwined her romance with the real history.