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Wild Invitation: A Psy-Changeling Collection

Wild Invitation: A Psy-Changeling Collection - Wild Invitation is a collection of Psy-changeling series novellas. Nalini Singh has done the same with her Guild Hunter series (Angels' flight), and I think that having gathered all (or most of) the novellas relating to one series in one book rather than having them scattered in many different anthologies is a great and practical idea. The OCD part of me is really pleased by it. The two firsts novellas have DarkRiver heroes (and were already published in other anthologies), the lasts two are related to the SnowDancer pack. To be honest, the novella/short-story format isn't my favorite, but here it worked. I understand that all the secondary characters can't have their book but it's also good to have the background stories of the most present/important ones, Tammy/Nate, Lara/Walker even Cooper/Grace couples being ones of them. I enjoyed reading them all, but my favorite one is "Texture of Intimacy", Lara and Walker story. The story happens just after "Kiss of Snow" and in parallel with "Tangle of Need".