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Raintree: Haunted - Linda Winstead Jones

*spoiler free review*

This was my first book by Linda Winstead Jones and my favorite story of the trilogy.

The story happens at the same time as book 1. Gideon is Dante little bro. Where Dante can master fire, Gideon masters electricity and as a side effect of that gift he can see and talk to ghosts. Which come handy when it comes to solve crimes.

Even though Gideon doesn't have the jerkish tendencies of Linda Howard's heroes, he's HOT and sneaky. Lorna is a strong and warm woman who isn't afraid to fight hard to defend what she believes in. They too were well matched. I loved their relationship. It was hot, sweet and funny.

There was also a great cast of secondary characters. My favorite being Emma. Her relationship with Gideon was absolutely cute and hilarious!

""I hate to tell you this, sweetheart, but in order to make a baby there has to be a mommy as well as a daddy. I'm not getting married and I'm not having kids, so you'll just have to choose someone else to be your daddy this time around."

Emma was not at all perturbed. "You're always so stubborn. I am coming to you, Daddy, I am. I'm coming to you in a moonbeam.""

Like for the first book, the story ends up quite abruptly but is picked up at the end of the third book.