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Deadly Descent

Deadly Descent - Kaylea Cross

*3,5 stars*
*Spoiler free review*

Even though the story started a little too slow to my liking this is another great story by Kaylea Cross.

This book is the first of a series that takes place in Bagram, a US military Afghan base. I really liked Devon, our heroine. She's a Black Hawk pilot and her job is to fly medical evacuations. I loved Cam. He's a pararescueman. If I understood well, he's a kind of special ops with field medic training.

These two fell for each other, but the problem is that Devon is an officer and Cam just enlisted and because of military rules they can't fraternize. Also, Devon is feeling guilty over some events that happen in the very beginning of the book, and because of that she's fighting her feelings even harder.

Even though I understood Devon's position, I found the first part of the book dragging a little. But then, things sped up and I have to say that Kaylea Cross really has the knack to describe military action and the second part was a solid 4 stars.

The helicopter crash and the rescue were vividly told (this is in the blurb). Another thing I really liked about Devon is that as first officer she made sure that her crew and cargo were secured first and foremost but she also was clever enough to let McCall be in charge from there.

I also really liked Ryan and Jackson but I'm not sure about the other girls, because if I found the guys super yummy the girls were a bit too uppity for me. I'm curious to see how things will turn out in the next books.