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Take No Prisoners (Black Ops, Inc. Series #2)

Take No Prisoners - Cindy Gerard *Spoiler free review*Another great story with no downtime.From the beginning of the series I knew that I'd love Sam's book. Actually, Sam and Doc. I love strong and quiet guys and Sam didn't disappoint. And for those of you who love Black Ops guys AND cow-boys, Sam is definitely your guy. That's right, he is both *le sigh*. I really love how the BOI interact with each others but Sam and Johnny Duane Reed have an even more special relationship. In addition to being stuck at the hip, Sam seems able to catalyse Reed's hothead energy like no one else. I also liked Abbie a lot. She is a caring, loving, faithful and strong sister/friend. I really enjoyed that even knowing she was out of her depth, she managed to turn the tables on both the BOI and the villain.