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With No Remorse

With No Remorse - Cindy Gerard

*Spoiler free review*

“Luke Colter's number one rule of self-preservation: Don't ignore the itch."

"Luke Colter's second rule of self-preservation: Don't second-guess rule number one.”

I L O V E D With No Remorse!
There is not one thing I didn’t love in this book.
This is Luke “Doc” Holliday’s story. He is one of my favorite character in the series from the very beginning and he didn't disappoint.

I usually love how she starts her stories, but I loved it even more with this one. Luke and Val relationship is sweet and hot with some funny moments and I really liked the introspection bits from both of them.

As usual in this series, the BOI participation was the icing on the cake. I just love their interactions.