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Mind Games (Disillusionists Series #1)

Mind Games - Carolyn Crane

*Buddy reading with Nikki <3*
*DNF at 16%*

Although I'm not sure I liked the author's voice, I did not really dislike the book. The problem is I couldn't find it interesting enough to read more than few pages at a time. And when cleaning the house has more appeal than the book you are reading, you know you are in trouble.

I only read 16%, so I can't say much. So this is my few thoughts:

--> I thought that the world building was sadly missing. According to the few elements given to us, we suspect that we are in the future. But how far in the future? No one knows. Also we have no geographical elements. At one point the heroine refers to Lake Michigan but the city she lives in is called Midcity (which reminded me, Mercy Thompson's Tri-Cities).

--> I found the hypothesis upon which the plot is based way too far fetched and borderline moralistic.

--> The heroine is hypochondriac which implies too much drama and repetitions to my liking.

--> I didn't like how the author uses some verbs in the narrative parts. One of them being to creep.

""I understand," he says. He reaches over and places a heavy hand on my knee.
He creeps it up teasingly.
Saved by the honks. The line is finally creeping."

"I let myself in and creep across the living room and down the hall to find him asleep in the snuggly softness of his bed."

There are other examples but this one was the most speaking to me.

--> I also didn't like her way of describing the characters:
"I smile at his dark lord talk and don't look away from his handsomeness anymore. I just enjoy him: the wonderful meatiness of his nose, the stray curl that kisses his cheekbone, the rough puff of his lips."

The wonderful meatiness of his nose? The rough puff of his lips?

--> When the story starts the heroine is the manager of a fancy dress store called "Le Toile". Le toile means nothing, "La Toile" however does.