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Visions of Heat (Psy-Changeling Series #2)

Visions of Heat - Nalini Singh

*Spoilers free review*


"Sleep, Red. I've got you."

Faith belongs to one of the most powerful PsyClan. She’s the most talented cardinal F-Psy of her generation. Before Silence, the F-Psys predictions affected all life areas (be it minor or major), but since the implementation of the protocol, the F-Psys talent has been strictly confined to the economics sphere. So when Faith starts to have visions of murders, she thinks that she is slowly sinking into madness.

Her designation has a high rate of madness. Already monitored almost 24/7, she dreads what will happen to her if madness finally catch up with her. Determined to avoid what she believes is inevitable, Faith decides to contact Sascha in the hope that she can help her understand what is happening to her as well as help her escape the future of absolute confinement that awaits her.

That’s how she runs into Vaughn. Lately, he has been inexorably drawn by a small high security Psy compound adjoining DarkRiver territory. Faith's home.

Although a DarkRiver sentinel, Vaughn isn’t a leopard but a jaguar. He was found and taken in by the DarkRiver pack at the age of 10. In Slave to Sensation Lucas describes him as a full-fledged alpha.

Jaguar tends to be solitary and Vaughn is not only utterly independent but never expected to be mated. I would even say that because of what happened to him as a child, he is absolutely determined to NOT mate. But his cat is powerfully attracted by Faith, and doesn’t care what the human part of him thinks or wants in that matter.

Faith, truly believes that Silence is what can help her avoid madness, so she clings to her conditioning. As an F-Psy she is extremely vulnerable to any kind of external stimuli, including touch. Especially touch. Still, she is determined to face her dark visions.

"Each time I do what you want, I'm helping your PsyClan and the Council imprison you."

I loved their relationship, how Vaughn loves to play with Faith and how she responds to him. I also loved how they fell in love and mated (Vaughn, you really rock!!!).

The political plot slowly progress and I loved the parts involving the NetMind. I really like Anthony and wonder if we’ll have more of his character in the last books.