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Hostage to Pleasure (Psy-Changeling Series #5)

Hostage to Pleasure - Nalini Singh


*Spoilers free review*


“We're a race that leaves no art, no music, no literature. Our immortality lies in the genetic inheritance we pass on to our offspring. Without that, we're nothing once we cease to exist.”

Another favorite!

All the books are linked together by the general plot but this one kind of started in Mine to Possess. In this story we have another Psy-Changeling couple, Ashaya and Dorian.

We met Ashaya in Mine to possess. She’s a M-psy specialisized in DNA and she’s the best in her field. Because of that she is forced to work on Protocole I, an implant with which the Psy Council wish to transform the Psy-Net in one huge hive mind with few select ones at the top of the chain. In order to coerce her into working on this project who goes against all she believes in, they are holding Keenan, her 4 years old son hostage.

Contrary to Sascha or Faith, for several reasons, Silence never took root in Ashaya but she has airtight mental shields and nerves of steel, which allowed her to fool the most dangerous and suspicious psys in the Psy-Net.

Dorian is a DarkRiver sentinel. He is “latent” that means, he can’t shift so he made up for by being an over achiever (physically as well as intellectually). In Mine to possess Talin dubbed him “boy genius” :DDD He is also still grieving the brutal lost of his baby sister. His character is very interesting, full of contrasts and he is absolutely HOT!!!

"I'm latent. That used to make me angry. But that was before I decided I was going to become a sentinel. My mother thinks I'm pigheaded. I think I know what I want. And no one is going to stop me. No one had better even try.

From an essay titled "What I want to be when I grow up" by Dorian Christensen, age 8 (graded A+)"

It’s difficult to talk about the book without spoiling, so let just say that there is a LOT of action going on in this book but not to the detriment of the characters development.

I loved the love story as well as the general plot with the participation of the rebels Psy, Ashaya and Amara relationship, Ashaya and Keenan relationship, Dorian and Keenan relationship,... At first he broke my heart but I just loved Keenan. Did I say that I love Nalini Singh kids?

To save Keenan, Ashaya had to ask and trust people she didn’t know but I loved that she was in charge of her own escape and how she did it. (view spoiler)

Nalini Singh also introduces a new player in the game.

“When you want something so bad it hurts,” he said quietly, “and you bury it, bury it so deep that you convince yourself it no longer matters . . . and someone tells you you can have it, it’s terrifying. What if you take the chance and you’re wrong? What if you let yourself feel the loss and it’s this huge pain and you can’t put it back in the box?”