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Blaze of Memory (Psy-Changeling Series #7)

Blaze of Memory - Nalini Singh


*Spoilers free review*


“Will the PsyNet one day turn dark, our minds cold, isolated stars?
I don’t know. And it terrifies me.”

In this book we have the first couple without Changelings. The heroes are Devraj Santos, leader of the Forgotten, introduced in Mine to Possess and Katya (Ekaterina), Ashaya’s ex assistant.

The Forgotten are the descendants of the Psys who defected from the PsyNet when Silence Protocol was implemented. Over the last century they continued to mingle with Humans and Changelings and their powers evolved and mutated differently from the Psys in the PsyNet. As the director of the Shine Foundation, Dev is intense, cold and ruthless in his determination to keep his people safe.

Katya was Ashaya’s assistant. She broke my heart. Supposedly dead, she was being held prisoner and sadistically tortured (body and mind) by Councilor Ming LeBon for five months, then left drugged, unconscious and broken on Dev’s doorstep.

In this book, the story takes place mainly in New-York and is centered on the Forgotten and what happens in the PsyNet but the DarkRiver members make some appearances as well as Judd (I love Judd!). The story is somehow linked to what happened in Mine to Possess and Hostage to Pleasure but there is no progression in the general plot per se, instead we have an insight on the Psy/Forgotten war on-going since the implementation of Silence Protocol. I loved Zarina's (Dev’s great-great-grandmother) letters to her son Matthew. I think it was a great way to put the implementation of Silence Protocol into perspective.

“So now you know—you come from the stubbornest stock this side of the equator. No one is going to stop your star from shining.“

For me this story is one of the darkest and most emotional of the series. Dev and Katya were hot together. I loved that despite all that happened to her, Katya is no pushover and doesn’t hesitate to show her backbone. I also loved to see Dev defenses against Katya unravel little by little.

"Playing dirty, baby?"
[...] "I say anything's fair in bed."
"Remember, you said it."

“Below the belt, baby,” he whispered, wrapping one strong arm around her shoulders. “Damn unfair.”
Her eyes burned at the pain she could feel in the big body beside hers. “A woman’s got to use what she has with you.”

Did I say that I absolutely love the kids in this series?