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Bonds of Justice (Psy-Changeling Series #8)

Bonds of Justice - Nalini Singh


*Spoilers free review*


“Take care of my heart won’t you, Sophie? It’s a little odd having it outside my body—but I’m planning to steal yours to make up for it.
—Handwritten note from Max to Sophia“

This book is focused on the intra Psy-Council war. More specifically on Nikita Duncan who has her top management people mysteriously murdered. There is also a sub plot and I loved how it intermingled with the main one.

Sophia is a Justice-Psy. She has the ability of retracting memory from people and projecting them into other people's mind. As a result of their ability J-Psys must be reconditioned several time in their lives until they are simply rehabilitated or decide to suicide. When the story starts, Sophia has already an exceptionally long career as a J-Psy, her telepathic shields are threatening to shear, living her utterly vulnerable and she knows her end is close. Sophia also has a dark side in her and I loved that she assumed it.

“Will you remember me?”
His heart broke into a thousand pieces. “Always.”

Max is Human, but no less alpha than our other heroes. He is one hell of a cop, has a brilliant mind and natural strong shields that protect him from being manipulated by the Psys (who run the legal/law enforcement system). His curriculum as well as his shields are the reasons why Nikita wants him to find the mole in her organization.

From the moment they meet they are attracted by each other. I found their love story touching. No fight for dominance or trust issues in this one.

The general plot continue to be riveting.