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Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling Series #9)

Play of Passion - Nalini Singh

*Spoilers free review*


I love Drew!!! The sneaky wolf is one of my favorite character in the series.

In this book we are back to the Psy-Changeling antagonism. We are on the verge of the war. Our heroes are two SnowDancers.

Indigo is a SnowDancer lieutenant. She’s Hawke third in command. Like Mercy, she’s pretty much a kick-ass heroine.

“But this is who she is,” Brenna murmured, her eyes troubled when she looked up. “You stood in front of a bullet for me, Drew.” Her voice hitched. “That’s who you are.”

Drew (Brenna and Riley’s brother) doesn’t fit in the hierarchy. He’s clearly a dominant male who pretty much like being in control but his position in the pack is fuzzy. He isn’t a ranked soldier or lieutenant but he’s Hawke’s ears and eyes outside the pack, as well as the Pack tracker and the intra-pack liaison and as such he reports directly to Hawke. He also is younger than Indigo.

“My brain knew I was doing something stupid, but my hormones tell me to protect her—and right now, instinct is kicking reason’s whiny ass.”

Contrary to Mercy and Riley’s story they relationship takes sometime to evolve from friends to lovers.

I loved Drew's courtship, the love story as well as the interactions between all the characters and how the general plot progressed. I absolutely loved the end of the book and I so would love to know more about Anthony.