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Brother's Keeper

Brother's Keeper - Elizabeth Finn

I think YA or NA, whatever you name it, is definitely not my genre.

When the book starts Rowan is 17 and the story basically covers her last year of high school. Logan is 7 years older than her and is in his last year of Law curriculum, he's also Rowan best friend's big brother.

I liked the fact that we have both POV but I think I would have enjoyed the book better if there were more dialogs or/and action (other than the smut). Most of the book is in the narrative mode or about what Rowan or Logan are thinking and there is very few dialogs.

Contrary to the other YA books I've read, this book has a fair amount of smut, and I have to say that it was well written. Because of the lack of other action and the shortage of interesting dialogs they were my favorite parts. Unfortunately it wasn't enough because I couldn't care less for the main characters of the story.