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Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling Series #11)

Tangle of Need - Nalini Singh

*Spoilers free review*


Tangle of Need starts when Kiss of Snow ended.

This book somehow acted as transition. On one hand we are in the lull following the huge battle that took place in Kiss of Snow, and on the other hand the different pieces on the chessboard continue to advance with alliances being created and existing relationships/links being consolidated. Also we can sense that the story is softly shifting toward the PsyNet.

Riaz, lone-wolf and one of Hawke's lieutenant and Adria, SnowDancer senior soldier form the primary couple. Dispite the strong attraction they feel for each other, their relationship starts off very badly. To be really honest, I have to admit that even though their relationship was hot and beautiful and I really loved how Nalini Singh handled the mating bond matter, I was more interested in how the general plot and Hawke and Sienna mating were evolving.

I loved the appearance of all the other previous heroes. The Judd’s fan club bit as well as Faith’s hysterics were hilarious. I also loved Aden, Vasic and Kaleb participations.

I didn't like one thing in this book: the bloody cliffhanger!