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Show No Mercy

Show No Mercy - Cindy Gerard

*Spoiler free review*

I didn't plan to read this one back to back with the Bodyguard series, I just couldn't help it.

The Black Ops Inc. revolves around Nate Black and his boys. Gabe being one of them. They once were all part of the same US army black ops force (Task Force Mercy) but after a mission went sour and another one of their team got killed, Nate Black (their CO) called it quit and created the Black Ops Inc. (BOI). Little after that, Task Force Mercy was dismantled and the boys joined him. They basically do the same kind of missions as when they were in the army but on their own terms (i.e. without external fuck-ups) and with a helluva bigger pay.

Show No Mercy was another great, fast paced and action packed story with great heroes. We met Gabe (Gabriel Jones, aka Archangel) and Jenna in Into the Dark (the last book of the Bodyguard series), where they played a key role. As the plots are somehow related, I recommend to read Into the Dark before reading this one.

Even though the author had serious problems with her time line (see example below), I really liked both stories, the main and the secondary one with Juliana and Nate as well as the epilogue. The only thing I didn't like is (view spoiler)

"Bahia Blanca, Villa Flores
Same night, 11:10 P.M.
Juliana was asleep. Then she was awake.
She glanced at the bedside clock. Almost two a.m. There was a lot of night ahead. Yet she knew she wouldn’t go back to sleep. She never did when she woke like this."

Then back to

"Bahia Blanca, Villa Flores
11:17 P.M."