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To The Edge (The Bodyguards)

To the Edge - Cindy Gerard


*Spoilers free review*

I had this series on my TR list for at least 2 years. Bodyguards stories are not my cup of tea so I kept pushing it for later.

The only reason I put it there to begin with is because I heard that the heroes of the firsts books of the Black Ops series make an appearance in this series (What can I say, I’m OCD like that :/) otherwise I would just have given it a miss.

I'm glad I haven’t because I really enjoyed it.

There was nothing new with the stalker plot but:

1/ both Nolan and Jillian were awesome main characters,
2/ I really liked how their relationship evolved,
3/ the chemistry between them was smoking hot,
4/ great casting of secondary characters,
5/ the culprit was a total surprise,
6/ I totally LOVED the end!