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Twice Tempted (Night Prince Series #2)

Twice Tempted - Jeaniene Frost

*Spoilers free review*

I really enjoyed this book but I prefered the first, mainly because in this one Vlad lost a bit of his edge and even though the story was action packed and fast paced, Leila had too many near dead experiences (I didn’t count them, but I think she almost died 5 or 6 times), also the book had some inconsistencies and in my opinion lacked of character development.

It’s beautiful to see a strong, dark, unyielding alpha hero fall for his woman, the problem is that here all of a sudden Vlad becomes all bark and no bite.

And Leila one day is so in love with Vlad that she is all needy and whiny, but the next she has no problem to believe that the man she loves so much it hurts could be capable of doing something as cowardly as the bomb business? Then in a heart beat she jumps again into the relationship. Too many changes of heart, too quickly. And all the while she keeps saying that she is seeing and loving the true Vlad not some romanticized idea of him.

As for Maximus, (view spoiler)

So yes, I would have loved less inconsistencies and more character developpment. I also found that the “turning into a vampire” part was rushed. That being said, the book was a quick read and the tension between Vlad and Leila was hot.