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Cover of Darkness - Kaylea Cross I really enjoyed this book.Cover of Darkness is an action packed story. The story is set in the Middle-East (Lebanon and Iraq) and one of the things I really liked about this book is that Kaylea Cross has managed to make these places alive.I loved the main heroes but also, unlike in the first book, how she developed the various secondary characters who actually will be the heroes of the next volumes as well as the bad guy. I liked the way KC describes the evolution of Bryn's and Declan's feelings. And even though they aren't many, the steamy parts are well written.The action parts were well written too. However, I found several points in the plot that didn't make sense for me at all.Luke asks Bryn to act as bait. I'm OK with that. But then when they go to the nightclub he asks her to disguise herself so no one can recognize her. That didn't make sense for me at all. Also, I didn't understand why they took her with them in that mission in the desert and why Luke left her without back up at Fahdi's place when he suspected him to be the leak.That said, I'll definitely continue with the series.