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Reaper's Property

Reaper's Property  - Joanna Wylde

“Fuck, this is gonna piss you off and then you aren’t gonna let me stick my dick in you,” he muttered.
“Do you have to be so crude?” I snapped.
“Have you met me?”

I know that for a lot of people on GR and —to the exception of a handful— for all of my GR friends, this book was a massive hit. For me, it was just a good book.

I absolutely understand all the swooning, and dire-need-of-cold-shower situations, cause Horse is hot. The problems I had with the book weren't with him or the secondary characters who were good, but with the heroine and the plot.

I don't know how many times while reading the book I wanted to shake Marie, I just know that it happened a lot. Damn, woman, wake up!

As for the plot, it was too predictable and sometimes incoherent like that time when Horse says to Marie that all the sex between them will be consensual, that there will be no rape but she doesn't really have any choice but to follow him, or else... Or when Horse takes her to that party to parade her as a "sweet butt" to send a message to the outside world but then he bit the shit out of the shooter and publicly claimed Marie as his girl. Also, the rival gang plot was weak and the end made me roll my eyes.

I also didn't understand the need to all the backward and forward in time, as well as the use of double pov when it's to say the exact same thing. That being said, I loved Horse's voice.

My 3 stars go to Horse and the cast of secondary characters.