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Hopeless (Hopeless, #1)

Hopeless - Colleen Hoover Ok, don't kill me but for me, Hopeless was mostly an over the top book.To be honest, after reading the first chapter I was afraid that it would be a 1 star book, but then luckily things got better unfortunately not that better.What prevented me from really enjoying Hopeless is not so much the YA genre or the predictability of the story, that the over use of tragic/traumatic events. Seriously? How many of those an author can use in one single book? The heroine's mother dies when she is 3 or 4, then she is being raped by her father, then kidnapped at 5. But it's not enough: the hero's twin commit suicide, then we learn that she too was being raped when she was a kid by the heroine's father. But still that's not enough: we have a hero who carries all the guilt of the universe on his shoulders, witness the kidnapping of the heroine, learn about the rape of the heroin and his twin. But still, it's not enough: the aunt of the heroine is also a rape victim of the h's father. Still it is NOT enough: the heroine's father shoots himself in the head in front of the h and H and they somehow take it all in stride. If this isn't over use of tragic/traumatic events I don't know how to call it. I'm sad to say that I had much more pleasure reading some of the beautiful reviews written about it than reading the book itself.